Social Media

Facebook Giveth, Facebook Taketh Away

Though in this case, I suppose, the order of the above should be reversed.  Facebook just announced that it has (once again) tweaked its News Feed algorithm.  The new change gives Business Pages more reach, by allowing posts tagging another Page to potentially appear in both Pages' feeds.  According to this post over on ... More

Well, Facebook Is At It Again (Part One)…

Many of you may know (and just as many may not) that Facebook is once again updating its privacy policies. This time it's the Data Use Policy, and the changes are scheduled to go into effect sometime around the end of this week. (What's that, you say? You didn't vote on any changes? Well, thanks to the apathetic response ... More

Oh, Go Google Yourself!

Seriously, go do it! You might be surprised about what you find, especially if you are someone concerned with your privacy. Or with your online reputation, which these days equates to your reputation, period. Remember to put your name in quotes for more accurate results, and log out of any Google account prior to searchi... More

Men Are From LinkedIn, Women Are From Facebook

And here we always thought that "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"! Not according to this infographic from, which breaks down social media usage by sex.   Most of the stats fall into the "expected" category, i.e. females make up the lion's (or lioness') share of Pinterest users, and so ... More

Pinterest For Business? Interesting!

If you've been on Google today, you've probably noticed that it is International Women's Day.  In honor, we're posting this infographic from Prestige Marketing on the use of Pinterest for business, as 79% of Pinterest users are female.  If  your business targets female consumers, you seriously need to consider a ... More

Social Media In The ‘Real’ World!

Okay, I know nothing about AI University, except this: They have a great marketing department! Check out this ad about bringing social media into the real world. You'll "like" it! More

New ‘Amazon Pages’ In Time For The Holidays

Looks like Amazon is capitalizing (some might say "finally") on the Social Media craze, by rolling out something new: Amazon Pages, which will allow companies set up their own pages on as “custom destinations,” in other words, landing pages.  These new pages will come with URLs and ... More