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Websites don’t always need design work done, yet every website needs some kind of maintenance. It could be upkeep of web hosting, or content creation, or security scans, backups, and so on.

Many times, though, the owner of an established business just needs someone to make minor changes to the existing content of their site, particulary in smaller businesses with limited staff. And that’s where we come in!

Diamond Mind Web Design can take on the role of keeping your business website up-to-date, at far less than the cost of hiring staff to do the same. We offer a multi-level pricing structure to support you.

Pay As You Go

$ 75 .00

per Hour

  • Perfect for: Sites with minimal and/or sporadic updates
  • No upfront cost; work billed only after it is completed
  • No term commitment

Pay Ahead

$ 650 .00

Minimum Payment

  • Perfect for: Sites with large and/or infrequent updates
  • 10 work hours, used as needed until gone, no expiration
  • No term commitment

Level Pay

$ 350 .00

per Month

  • Perfect for: Sites with frequent updates of any size
  • Up to 6 work hours per month, unused hours roll over (up to 36)
  • One-year commitment required
Website maintenance can vary widely in type of job, size of job, and frequency, depending on the business. The variety of work that can be done is practically endless, so here are just a few examples of what might fit each level of service best.

Small, sporadic website maintenance could include:

  • An occasional need to add or replace staff photos and information
  • Product pricing that changes once or twice a year

Larger or infrequent website maintenance could include:

  • Events that need to be added/removed as they occur throughout the year
  • Seasonal product or service offerings that require their own landing page

Continual, frequent website maintenance could include:

  • Adding new reviews and testimonials as they are received from clients/customers
  • New products to be added, or existing product updates (photos, pricing, descriptions, videos, etc.)

Have more work in mind than fits into our standard service plans? Contact us to discuss what you need done. Please note that this pricing does not refer to content creation (such as blog posting) as that is a separate category of service.

Interested in signing up for one of our maintenance plans? Fill out the short form below, and we will contact you to firm up the details of what, when, and how we can take the website maintenance worry off your hands!
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