Diamond Mind Web Design has been creating websites and helping small and mid-sized businesses build their Web presence since 2004. Or, in Internet years, since infinity. :-)

In other words, we have the knowledge, experience, and "future solidity" to help you succeed today, and we'll still be around when you need help down the road. We're your window to the world... wide web!


  • Website Design & Redesign

    No website? Ooo, that's not good! You simply cannot be in business these days without one, and we can fix that for you, quickly and painlessly. Or do you have a website that still looks like it was built in the '90s? We'll give your old site a fresh, up-to-date look, make it search engine-friendly, mobile-ready, and bring it into the new century!

  • SEO & Social Media

    Even a beautiful, functional website won't do you a lot of good if no one can find it. Let us get that stalled site moving towards the top of those search engine rankings. We can also help you find the right kind of social media to talk directly to your customers through. (Hint: It's not all of them at once.)

  • Everything Else!

    Even a basic Internet presence has lots of moving parts and pieces. Do you know which ones you need? Domain names, web hosting, FTP and CMS, SSL and website security... we'll navigate you through the maze and help you decide what works best for your business.


How we build our websites:


How we do NOT build our websites:



Diamond Mind Web Design is in business for one reason: to help other small to mid-sized businesses use the Web for growth and success. That's it, pure and simple. Think about it -- when we need a leaky pipe fixed or a roof repaired, we don't do it ourselves, we call a plumber or a contractor. Why? Because no one can do everything well. You're in business to do whatever it is you do, and at a guess, it isn't "build websites". So don't waste your valuable time and money trying to figure out how to do something this complicated -- call the guys who already have years of experience! And yes, if one day we could build websites from a deck looking out over the ocean, that would be nice.

Some of the businesses we have worked with and for over the last dozen years: