LinkedIn Profile Photo No-No’s

Those of you who have been through my LinkedIn training sessions know how much I can harp about not having a photo of yourself as part of your LinkedIn profile.  :-)  Here's a great article from The Undercover Recruiter about all the OTHER things you shouldn't do when it comes to your profile pic: Top 7 LinkedIn ... More

Men Are From LinkedIn, Women Are From Facebook

And here we always thought that "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"! Not according to this infographic from, which breaks down social media usage by sex.   Most of the stats fall into the "expected" category, i.e. females make up the lion's (or lioness') share of Pinterest users, and so ... More

Need Some Inspiration?

Feeling burned out at your job, whatever that might be?  Or just need a little inspiration to get over the mid-week hump?  Take a few moments and follow this link to check out "The Commencement Speeches You'd Wish You Heard", written for the graduating Class of 2013 by business owners, CEOs, authors, and other luminari... More