Pinterest For Business? Interesting!

If you’ve been on Google today, you’ve probably noticed that it is International Women’s Day.  In honor, we’re posting this infographic from Prestige Marketing on the use of Pinterest for business, as 79% of Pinterest users are female.  If  your business targets female consumers, you seriously need to consider a presence on Pinterest.

Even if that’s not the case, Pinterest is still worthy of consideration, as it’s almost totally a visual medium, and very few (if any!) businesses can’t be well-represented visually.  As this article from The Content Strategist states, “The value in Pinterest is that it’s beautiful, transforming ordinary content into a visually stunning format.”

Read through the infographic (warning: it’s big!) and if something strikes your interest (pun intended), give us a call at Diamond Mind Web Design to see how we can explore using Pinterest as part of your social media presence.