Have You Checked Your Website for Mobile-Friendliness Yet?

If not, now would probably be a good time! Use this link to find out how Google sees your site: Simply put in your website address, and you'll get a return page after a few moment's analysis. If your site is good, it will look like ours. After yesterday's ... More

SEO Myths Demystified

Straight from the horse's mouth -- actually from Cyrus Shephard at The Moz Blog, which is even better -- comes this article, titled "10 SEO Myths That Friggin' Tick Me Off".  Definitely worth a read, whether you are a purveyor of search engine optimization or a recipient of its decidedly NOT mythic results. Here is ... More

SEO Trends for 2015

Interested in where SEO (search engine optimization) will be heading this year? Well, the good news is that Google (and one would assume Bing and Yahoo, as well) continues to put more and more emphasis on actual, real, and useful content. Useful  being the key word here (pun intended), The object that web designers ... More

What The Heck Is Bounce Rate, Anyway?

Let's face it, SEO (search engine optimization) isn't the most exciting subject, and it can be very technical in nature. Add those two together and you come up with something that isn't easy to explain to clients! Still, most semi-savvy business owners know that Google Analytics is the best way to examine your website's ... More