StrongPath Financial

The Legacy of a System, or, The System of a Legacy (System)

Just wrapped up — a complete overhaul of the StrongPath Financial website for our long-time friends/clients Dean Arens and Rick Flores.  These fine fellows are financial planners, which means every single bit of marketing they do must be overseen and approved by “compliance”.  When it comes to websites, these restrictions even go so far as to determine what website providers they are allowed to use, and all available template options from these providers have plenty of restraining factors built in.

This redesign was necessary (and a long time coming) because the prior provider’s templates weren’t responsive or mobile-friendly in any way.  And I’m pretty sure the person who designed the content management system did so while listening to Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High”… the year it came out!  Suffice it to say, it was old. And clunky. And like working in a straitjacket.  And… you get the idea. At least the new provider’s system had a modern(ish) back-end, and some workable, and responsive, template options.

So, here is a “before & after” look at the StrongPath website’s home page.  We actually designed the “before” version of the site, as well, which was itself a redesign of an even older and more basic (e.g. ugly) site.  The first redesign, done back in 2011, was literally a case of “the best we can do with what we have to work with,” so please judge it based on that, ha.  The new site is not perfect (by our standards, at least) but it is MUCH better, and you can use it on your smartphone!  Which is nice.

Check out the full site at, and keep Dean and Rick in mind when you’re looking for help with your investments, 401(k), college funding plans, and retirement planning.