Past Projects

Dave’s Garage Doors

Look, the fact is there are bad players in the web design industry. It's true in any line of work, of course, but it's a shame that in this business, one of the worst is also one with a large Internet presence and amount of pull. Without naming names, we'll just say that this company used to put out a phone book, and it ... More

Missouri PawnBrokers Association

One of our long-term clients, Rod Triplett of Family 1st Pawn in Republic, is also the Vice President of the Missouri PawnBrokers Association. Rod had been trying to convince his fellow Association members for quite a while (years) to pony up and replace their old (and frankly embarrassing) website with something modern ... More

Spot + Plus

We see a lot of what we like to call "Bob's yer uncle" websites -- where the business owner "knows a guy" who does web design. Whether that guy is actually your uncle, or your kid who's in college, a fellow from church, or whatever, the fact is they're still amateurs that you've hired to put a face on your business. First ... More

Southwest Dealer Services - Featured

SW Dealer Services

Hot off the (virtual) presses!  Here's a single page website we built for Southwest Dealer Services, designed to go along with a radio advertising campaign put together by our referral partner Scott Dickinson at Mid-West Family Broadcasting.  As with many (seemingly most) of the sites we build, we had very little to ... More

StrongPath Financial

Just wrapped up -- a complete overhaul of the StrongPath Financial website for our long-time friends/clients Dean Arens and Rick Flores.  These fine fellows are financial planners, which means every single bit of marketing they do must be overseen and approved by "compliance".  When it comes to websites, these ... More

Affordable Real Estate Photography

A good friend of ours, Preston Dial, has been a professional photographer for over 4 decades, but medical issues have severely limited his ability to use one hand, which has meant that he can no longer do most of what he did for a living. Photography is his passion, though, not just his livelihood, so he turned his ... More

Casey Cooper, USA Mortgage

Stills can't capture the beautiful parallax effects of this website we built for Casey Cooper, a mortgage banker with USA Mortgage.  As with all of their lenders, Casey was given a free corporate website when hired -- and as you can probably imagine, that cookie-cutter corporate template left MUCH to be desired. (It even ... More

CCC Storage

Steve Cox, owner of Dents Unlimted / Cox Collision / The Car Spa, recently refurbished an older building in downtown Springfield, turning it into a modern climate-controlled storage facility, and asked us to build a website for his newly christened Cox Climate Controlled Storage.  "Yay," we said, "A storage center!"  ... More