Casey Cooper, USA Mortgage

Stills can’t capture the beautiful parallax effects of this website we built for Casey Cooper, a mortgage banker with USA Mortgage.  As with all of their lenders, Casey was given a free corporate website when hired — and as you can probably imagine, that cookie-cutter corporate template left MUCH to be desired. (It even uses Flash!) Some of the folks there have wised up and established their own web presence, and Casey asked us to do the same for him, even giving us some fellow co-workers’ sites to use as guideline examples.

Well, short story long, Casey was definitely not expecting the final result to be what it was!  We can safely say we blew his mind with the site we gave him. After all, mortgage loans aren’t exactly the stuff of which dreams (and dreamy websites) are made of.  Our thought process on this site, however, was to play up the “dream home” aspect of getting the right mortgage loan to buy that house you always wanted.  And, of course, the right mortgage loan can only be arranged by the right mortgage lender!  (P.S. That would be Casey.)

Check out the full site at: And if you know someone who needs a loan and would like to work with an experienced lender who gets the job done right, have them call Casey. He always has your best interest!