Beware the Google Listing Scam

Perky voice on my phone today….

“Hi! This is Sarah, calling about your Google listing? I’m looking at my system here, and it still looks like your listing is incorrect. Correct listings mean you’re much more likely to be ranked above your competition. So if you’ll call me back at (1-800-number) and get me the correct information, we’ll get it all updated! ”

Translation: “Hi, I’m a scammer! I have no relationship at all with Google — you’ll notice I never said I actually worked there. I’m really trying to get your name, social, and any password info you’re dumb enough to give me! Have a nice day!”

I’ve heard from several of my clients about similar calls within the last few days, all with the same basic question: Is this legit or bogus? The answer — ding ding ding! — is BOGUS.  I tell them that Google is like the IRS — they will NEVER call you to ask for personal details about you or your business (unless you have specifically requested them to).

In fact, 95% of the contacts you may receive about business listings, either via phone or email (or even text) are scams of some sort or another. They may be straight up phishing scams like this one, or if coming from places like, scams of the “technically we’re telling you the truth, but leaving out some really, really important details” variety.  But that’s a post for another day…