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Working Man Music

Starting up a new quasi-reoccurring post category here on Diamond Mind, for “local viewing” only, not dissemination. “Working Music”, which will be exactly what it says — tunes listened to while working away at doing the terrific things we do. Been delaying it for a while as I pondered where to begin, and it finally hit me that “Working Man” by Rush would be uber-fitting for a first selection.

So, here you go — a 1974 performance by Geddy, Alex, and then-drummer John Rutsey at Laura Secord Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario. I’ll even dedicate this first post to a “young” man by the name of Jim Weatherford, wherever he may be. Jim was a junior-high buddy and the first person to introduce me to Rush, though it was a couple of years later, when “All The World’s A Stage” came out. Man, we were young then! As are these guys — I swear Geddy is wearing braces in this vid! Enjoy.

And all credit goes to the YouTube uploader, Concordbeltcreation2. You should check out his channel — he has some awesome vids going all the way back to Danny & The Juniors. I’m sure I will be reposting some of them in the future…