Spot + Plus

We see a lot of what we like to call “Bob’s yer uncle” websites — where the business owner “knows a guy” who does web design. Whether that guy is actually your uncle, or your kid who’s in college, a fellow from church, or whatever, the fact is they’re still amateurs that you’ve hired to put a face on your business. First impressions are the same on the Web as they are in person! You’re not going to hire an amateur to re-wire the electricity in your house, or fix your leaking roof, so why do it for something that’s just as important? It’s your livelihood!

This was just such a case. At first glance, the orginal Spot Plus website was OK (at best) — looked professional enough, wasn’t going to immediately scare anyone away. But on closer inspection, there were plenty of issues with the site (a list an entire page long, in fact) and what was there was in no way going to entice customers to use their services. In the entire time the original site was up, Spot Plus never got a single contact through their online form. True story.

Thankfully for his bottom line, the owner (Jerry Grant) hired Diamond Mind to put a NEW face on his business, both with an updated logo and an entirely revamped website. For inspiration, we used some sage advice from a Chuck Mefford marketing seminar that Jerry and I had attended together — figure out the “why” and start from there. So, instead of focusing the new site on carpet cleaning services, we built it around why we, as homeowners, need to hire carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and so on. We want to keep our children healthy! We love our pets but they tear up stuff! (Personal experience there.) Accidents happen!

This was a whopper of a site, and a fun challenge to get it to all come together. I’m proud to say that it’s the best work we’ve done (to date). We even got complimented on it by GoDaddy help line personnel! (May wonders never cease.) Check out the entire site here,, and if you want carpet that’s “white sock clean,” call Jerry!