Dave’s Garage Doors

Look, the fact is there are bad players in the web design industry. It’s true in any line of work, of course, but it’s a shame that in this business, one of the worst is also one with a large Internet presence and amount of pull. Without naming names, we’ll just say that this company used to put out a phone book, and it had pages of a lemon-colored hue… They only go by their initials on the Web, though, these days.

Simply put, they’re evil. As in e-EE-vill. Exactly why and how is a rant for another day, but it’s always a tremendous pleasure to get to pull another business out from under their Palpatine-like yoke. Dave’s Garage Doors is our latest ‘rescue client’. Dave’s is owned and operated by a wonderful couple who just want to run their business and serve others, not be held hostage by a gazillion-dollar corporation, yet that’s exactly what was happening. Unable to get that company to even make the most basic of changes to their site, and paying hundreds of dollars a month for non-existent SEO services, they were faced with the choice of either completely abandoning their current site and domain, or continuing to pay ridicuous fees.

It’s not as easy a choice as it may seem, but they were able to see the benefits of spending money on a fresh start, with plenty of growth potential, versus staying with the status quo that was getting them nowhere. Even with the usual small-business budget contraints, we were able to build them a fantastic little website by keeping the majority of content to a single page with parallax backgrounds and on-page links, adding a second page strictly for contact purposes. We’ll add a before/after work gallery as time and budget allow. Most importantly, our clients LOVE the new site, and the feeling of being independent once again. Check it out here: www.davesgaragedoorrepair.com