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Don’t Be Like Bill

Yesterday was International Data Privacy Day. Ironically, 1 in 10 people reading this post probably had their data stolen yesterday through a malicious Facebook app. Maybe this one, maybe not -- depends on which source you believe -- but data-stealing apps are out there and being used constantly by unaware, or unsavvy, FB ... More

Assign A Legacy Contact For Your Facebook Page

Facebook now lets you assign someone to take over your Facebook page in the event you pass away or otherwise become incapacitated.  This is actually some useful news from FB -- a change from the usual, certainly.  Read more about this addition in this article from CNN, (inaccurately and over-sensationally) titled ... More

Let The “I Hereby Declare…” Nonsense Begin!

If you are a Facebook user, you've probably experienced this more than once: Facebook announces they are making changes to (some/any) policy, and suddenly a spate of posts pop up everywhere with folks announcing that they hereby declare they aren't putting up with this $#&%!  By God, Facebook can't do this, and they ... More

Facebook Giveth, Facebook Taketh Away

Though in this case, I suppose, the order of the above should be reversed.  Facebook just announced that it has (once again) tweaked its News Feed algorithm.  The new change gives Business Pages more reach, by allowing posts tagging another Page to potentially appear in both Pages' feeds.  According to this post over on ... More

Well, Facebook Is At It Again (Part One)…

Many of you may know (and just as many may not) that Facebook is once again updating its privacy policies. This time it's the Data Use Policy, and the changes are scheduled to go into effect sometime around the end of this week. (What's that, you say? You didn't vote on any changes? Well, thanks to the apathetic response ... More

Tracking Your Personal Data Online

EVERY website has the ability to track certain basic data about you when you visit, such as time and date, your IP address (and therefore general location), and third-party referrer data (meaning how you got there from here). For the majority of websites, this information is merely passively collected and rarely, if ever, ... More

Men Are From LinkedIn, Women Are From Facebook

And here we always thought that "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"! Not according to this infographic from InternetServiceProviders.org, which breaks down social media usage by sex.   Most of the stats fall into the "expected" category, i.e. females make up the lion's (or lioness') share of Pinterest users, and so ... More

Facebook, Privacy, and You (Part 3) — The REALLY Important Part!

Anyone who has used Facebook for any length of time at all has surely seen (and maybe even reposted) those legalese-blurbs that start out with "In response to the proposed changes to Facebook's Privacy Policy, I hereby blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."  Each and every time a rumor goes around that Facebook is making ... More

Facebook, Privacy, and You! (Part 2)

Today we will focus on the Facebook security setting that deals with Active Sessions.  Each time you log in to Facebook, a "session" is started, and certain information is recorded: date, time, approximate location, and device being used to log in. Note that the word "approximate" could really be replaced with "best guess ... More