Hold Onto Your Butts!

As we’re whisked back in time to 1993, when one Dennis Nedry was head programmer at a certain Park on a certain island. (Can it really have been that long ago?) If you already have figured out what I’m talking about, then you’ll want to head right over to this site…


…to see if you’re smart enough to gain access to the main security grid.  (And don’t forget the magic word!)

If you have no clue yet, then it might be wise to watch this short clip:


So, what are you waiting for? Jam a cigarette butt in your mouth, practice your best Samuel L. Jackson impersonation, and if you’re a really good hacker, you might even find the Zebra Girl!

Full credit goes to Tully Robinson, the programmer who re-created this high-tech (in ’93) piece of wizardry.