CCC Storage

Steve Cox, owner of Dents Unlimted / Cox Collision / The Car Spa, recently refurbished an older building in downtown Springfield, turning it into a modern climate-controlled storage facility, and asked us to build a website for his newly christened Cox Climate Controlled Storage.  “Yay,” we said, “A storage center!”  (Read that as Wayne’s “Hi. We’re in Delaware.”)  “What do you have for us to work with on this project, Steve?” we said.  “Well, I have a logo,” said Steve.  And that was, in fact, it.  (Amazing how many sites we do that start in this exact same manner.)

So, the fertile (diamond) mind was put to work, and an entire site was developed from what was originally a black-and-white logo. (Kudos for the green coloring go to Cody Boggs of PostNet – thanks, man.)  The final result was pretty spectacular, we think, especially relative to your typical storage center website (including Steve’s competition).  Check out the full site at: And be sure to let your friends know that climate-controlled, ultra-secure storage is available in a convenient and central location!