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Daniel Pink’s “Drive” – Motivation in 10 Minutes!

Daniel Pink's "Drive"Thought I would re-post this video on “The Truth About Motivation and Drive” (first posted, by me anyway, several months ago over at the Business Power Network Blog) as it is a favorite of mine, and has lately sparked a discussion about its application in a non-employer/employee environment, via my friend Steve Baker at The Great Game of Business (see my previous Facebook post for that link).

First, you should know that this is not a “quick and easy” video to watch; some thinking will actually be required! Second, I can guarantee you that it’s the most entertaining talk about the psychology, sociology, and economics of motivation that you will ever see. Boy, if that doesn’t make you want to hit the Play button, I don’t know what will! 🙂

Thirdly, and maybe this should have been “firstly”, if you live in the corporate world, you need to watch this video IMMEDIATELY. Then show it to your boss. Then show it to your boss’s boss. Keep moving it up the ladder until it reaches someone who really cares, because these ideas COULD create far-reaching changes, for the better, for all corporate employees if acted upon. And that statement’s coming from fifteen years of corporate working experience where the idea of anything other than “carrot and stick” would have been unthinkable.

Lastly, if you live in the self-employed world (as I do), while you’re watching this video, consider how you apply the concept of “autonomy, mastery, and purpose” in your everyday existence. What IS your motivation? Are you a “purpose-maximizer”, not just a “profit-maximizer”? I’d love to hear some feedback as to how you think these ideas could apply to you. Okay, then, here you go!

The Truth About Motivation and Drive

Well, You’ve Got To Start Somewhere…

…so this is where I’ll begin:  Eight (8!) years ago this month, the metaphorical doors of Diamond Mind Web Design opened, and since we are still alive and kicking, I thought that maybe it was time to start my own blog.  Not my first, actually, as I’ve been blogging for about three and a half years over at Business Power Network, but for the first time I’ll be able to focus on topics specific to the web world.

What you will find here: Posts about the dos and don’ts of web design, posts about social media in general, Facebook and LinkedIn in particular, posts about SEO and profile management, and more.  Some will be more technical in nature, some will not; hopefully all will be useful, or at least interesting.  You’ll also find some humor, I hope, though the odds are it will be of a more Pythonesque nature than anything else.

What you won’t find here: Posts about finance, religion, or politics.  Not only did my momma tell me to avoid those subjects in polite conversation, as I have no expertise in any of those fields, I choose not to blather on about any of them.  You can find plenty of that elsewhere; you’ll find none of it here.

Wait, did I say “none”?  Oh, yes, well, one, anyway.  The candidate I endorse in this fall’s election is…

Craig For Prez!

Yes, that’s right — Craig Ferguson for President!  I don’t care if he wasn’t born in this country.  He speaks with a Scottish accent, and that alone makes him trustworthy! 🙂  Okay, I’ll quit now while I’m still ahead.  Encourage your friends to sign up for the blog; we’ll have a kick-off contest soon.  Until next time!