Win an HP Officejet 6500A Printer! Here’s How.

11:11am, 11/1 -- That's a lot of ones; must mean something, right? Here's what it can mean to you: a brand new wireless, duplexing, color printer from HP! One lucky winner could receive this spiffy prize, courtesy of Diamond Mind Web Design and our referral partner Lasertek, Inc. Contest Rules: Runs from ... More

Friday Funny – October 26, 2012

With fall in full swing, Toonces decided to go for a little drive....   Aaaaaah, watch out Toonces!! Likely the origin of I Can Haz Cheezburger?, Ceiling Cat, and all the rest of the Lolcats.  And Toonces?  He hopped in the car, zipped on over to the drive-thru, and got his own damn cheeseburger! :-) More

Friday Funny – October 19, 2012


PayPal Scam Email

“Your PayPal Account Has Been Limited” OH NOES!!!111

"Access to your account has been restricted."  "Your account has been compromised." "You have violated our terms of service." Have you ever received an email such as this? Did it set your heart to racing? As they say in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, "Don't panic!" Put down the mouse, and slowly step away from the ... More

Friday Funny – October 12, 2012


Daniel Pink's "Drive"

Daniel Pink’s “Drive” – Motivation in 10 Minutes!

Thought I would re-post this video on "The Truth About Motivation and Drive" (first posted, by me anyway, several months ago over at the Business Power Network Blog) as it is a favorite of mine, and has lately sparked a discussion about its application in a non-employer/employee environment, via my friend Steve Baker at ... More

Craig For Prez!

Well, You’ve Got To Start Somewhere… this is where I'll begin:  Eight (8!) years ago this month, the metaphorical doors of Diamond Mind Web Design opened, and since we are still alive and kicking, I thought that maybe it was time to start my own blog.  Not my first, actually, as I've been blogging for about three and a half years over at Business ... More