Special Bulletin: Adobe Hacked

Adobe-logoIn case you were not aware of it, Adobe has confirmed the user account data of 2.9 million Adobe users has been breached. You can read the full story in the Washington Post, here:


What does this mean for you?  Well, first the good news:  if you use Adobe products (like nearly every other single person in the entire known world), you may not be affected. (More on this later.)

The bad news:  the attackers may have had access to its users’ financial information.  Which means if you purchased something from Adobe within the last few years, you will need to keep a close eye on your credit card or bank statement for illegal activity.

Adobe has issued an official statement covering with details about the incident, and what you should do.  You can find the official Adobe statement here:


Things to keep in mind:

1) Even though Adobe states it has already reset the passwords of the affected users, it would be wise, if you have any type of Adobe account, to immediately log in and change your password.

2) If you are in the (bad) habit of using the same password across multiple sites, and have used your Adobe password elsewhere, go to those sites and change your password there, as well.

The further bad news: Adobe has also said that parts of its source code were accessed, but that it was not aware of any exploits being used to target Adobe products. Yet.  To be on the safe side, you should verify that all of your Adobe software is up-to-date, and keep it up to date over the coming weeks, as it seems very likely (to me, at least) that Adobe will be releasing further updates as advance protection against the access of its code.

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