SW Dealer Services

Southwest Dealer Services - Website by Diamond Mind Web DesignHot off the (virtual) presses!  Here’s a single page website we built for Southwest Dealer Services, designed to go along with a radio advertising campaign put together by our referral partner Scott Dickinson at Mid-West Family Broadcasting.  As with many (seemingly most) of the sites we build, we had very little to start the design with; in this case, just the slogan “Fall in love with your car again!” Everything else had to be created from scratch.

Southwest already had a website — one that gives the word ‘antiquated’ new meaning — but for various reasons, the existing site couldn’t be redesigned.  So, for Scott’s campaign, we registered a new domain — www.fallinlovewithyourcaragain.com, duh — and used it solely for the landing page, to give the radio ads a recognizable and easy-to-remember URL (Scott’s MO for all of his campaigns). As Eppy Epperman once said, “We think it’s pretty excellent!”