Missouri PawnBrokers Association

One of our long-term clients, Rod Triplett of Family 1st Pawn in Republic, is also the Vice President of the Missouri PawnBrokers Association. Rod had been trying to convince his fellow Association members for quite a while (years) to pony up and replace their old (and frankly embarrassing) website with something modern and new.

His wise counsel finally won the day, and of course he hired Diamond Mind to bring the goods! This is what we like to call an “iceberg site,” in that only a small portion of is public-facing; the majority of the site is behind a member login wall. On the back end, we have given them a (working) member account creation and payment system, a chat forum for fraud alerts, legislative discussions, items wanted and items for sale, and much more.

Check out the new site here, www.missouripawnbrokers.com, and if you frequent pawn shops, be sure to tell them to join the MPBA!