Leisure Suit Tech

Thought I would share a photo I ran across a few days ago... This picture was taken on September 17, 1976, at the dedication ceremony of the U.S.S., whoops, I mean the Space Shuttle Enterprise, NASA's prototype for the recently-wrapped-up shuttle program.  Those of you who are Star Trek fans will of course recognize ... More

Do You Zite? You Should!

What is Zite? Zite is an app for your iPhone, Android, or tablet.  A free app, I might add. What does it do? Zite is a "personalized magazine".  It pulls in content from all over the web, and presents it to you in categorized pages.  Even better, it allows you to decide which categories you want to see. What ... More

Daniel Pink's "Drive"

Daniel Pink’s “Drive” – Motivation in 10 Minutes!

Thought I would re-post this video on "The Truth About Motivation and Drive" (first posted, by me anyway, several months ago over at the Business Power Network Blog) as it is a favorite of mine, and has lately sparked a discussion about its application in a non-employer/employee environment, via my friend Steve Baker at ... More