Friday Funny

Friday Fun(ny) – June 28, 2013

Okay, so this is more for fun than actually funny. Everyone knows that branding is vital for your business, right? Right? (If not, give these guys a call -- they'll fill you in, for sure.) Here's a map purporting to represent the most well-known and/or important brands for each state of this mighty (corporate) Union. ... More

Friday Funny – April 19, 2013

For some reason, this brings to mind Donnie Darko... More

Friday Funny – March 1, 2013

Topical, and hoping it's true as well! More

Friday Funny – February 22, 2013

Think your hubby/wife/kid has been spending too much time on Facebook lately? Try this -- guaranteed to end their addiction immediately! More

Friday Funny – January 11, 2013

Haven't posted in several weeks due to the holidays and just being so stinkin' busy!  Several new posts in the works, though, so I'll get on a roll and get them out soon.  In the meantime, found this on someone else's FB page a while back (can't remember who or I'd give credit, sorry!) and since it describes me to a T, ... More

Friday Funny – December 21, 2012

This literally made me LOL! By the way, does anyone know where John Cusack is right now?  'Cause I'd really like to be hanging out with him, at least for the rest of today... More

Friday Funny – December 14, 2012

What would happen if Luke Skywalker had a corporate desk job instead... More

Friday Funny – November 30, 2012

Pretty sure this happened to me in Mr. Busch's 10th grade chemistry class...   More

Friday Funny – November 16, 2012

Isn't it about time for another Harry Potter movie?  What?  There aren't any more?? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! More