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Don’t Be Like Bill

be-like-jayneYesterday was International Data Privacy Day. Ironically, 1 in 10 people reading this post probably had their data stolen yesterday through a malicious Facebook app. Maybe this one, maybe not — depends on which source you believe — but data-stealing apps are out there and being used constantly by unaware, or unsavvy, FB users.

You should avoid those apps-of-the-month, but if abstinence from FB apps just isn’t something you can practice, here’s a good rule of thumb to identify the bad’uns: If you are ON Facebook, and click on an app or post that then asks you to log into Facebook before continuing, you can bet the mud farm that it’s about to record and misuse your login and personal info.

Depending on how enthusiastic you are in populating your Facebook profile with personal data about yourself, and/or how lax you are with passwords, that info can give the bad guys the ammunition they need to impersonate you on FB, steal your identity, even discover and access your financial accounts. Trust me, if they aim to misbehave, you would be very surprised at how easy it is to do so once you have clicked and given them permission.

Everyone Says Bye

At one time, Bowie was pretty much the biggest rock star on the planet, yet he never lost the ability to laugh at himself, and could still write and perform songs as personal as this. RIP, Mr. David Bowie — the coolest dude who ever was.


Missouri Sun Solar

It’s always nice to wake up and find one of your clients featured in an article on the front page of the local newspaper. (In a non-criminal fashion, of course!) In this case, our latest client, Missouri Sun Solar, was one of the businesses spotlighted in an excellent article by Thomas Gounley of the News-Leader, titled “Why Solar Power Is Finally Having Its Moment In The Sun.”

We took on this project in collaboration with our friends at High Tide Communications. The project entailed turning an existing static website into a customer-manageable WordPress installation, while keeping the look of the site as close to the original as possible, as well as moving the whole thing to a new web host. We also needed to ensure the new site communicated captured leads to the client’s CRM.

Here’s a screenshot of part of the new homepage — improved from the original, in our opinion 🙂 — and the best part is that the client loved their new site so much, they immediately hired us to do a second, similar project! So thanks to Mar’Ellen and Melissa at High Tide, and Jason at Missouri Sun Solar — it was a great collaboration.  Or, as they say in Firefly, shiny!