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WordPress 4.0 Is Here!

WordPress — our CMS of choice here at Diamond Mind Web Design — has just released the newest version of their core software, version 4.0, otherwise known as “Benny” (for jazz great Benny Goodman).  What does this mean for you? Not much if you’re a viewer-only of WP blogs and websites, but quite a bit if you are a user of same.

Like Benny Goodman’s sweet jazz, the new WordPress gives a much smoother experience for creating and posting.  New (and much needed) features like a visual plug-in browser, and the ability to view embedded media right in your post draft without the need to preview or publish, make for a much more seamless experience.

Watch the video if you are interested in further details about the new upgrade.  And if you’re interested in starting your own WordPress-based blog, or converting a non-content-manageable site over to WP, give us a shout!

New Site! Nearly…

diamondmindwebdesignThe new (and unofficially official 10th Anniversary) Diamond Mind website is nearly done!  A few more items to complete, including a revamped Portfolio page, an expanded Services page, and a few more surprises still under the hood.

Still working some of the kinks out, though, so please be patient if something is a bit wonky.  If you find a 404 after the next week or so has gone by, please be sure to let us know via our Contact Form.

Thanks, and we look forward to serving your website needs!


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