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Ding! Dong! The IE Witch Is Dead!

Word from the Internet world -- and very welcome word, I might add -- is that Microsoft is finally doing away with Internet Explorer, and replacing it with "Project Spartan".  The new browser is rumored to be something along the lines of Firefox or

SEO Myths Demystified

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Straight from the horse's mouth -- actually from Cyrus Shephard at The Moz Blog, which is even better -- comes this article, titled "10 SEO Myths That Friggin' Tick Me Off".  Definitely

Bad Websites – Stop the Madness!

Here at Diamond Mind, we love The Oatmeal, NSFW words and all. Here's a recent article that tickled our funny bone immensely, titled "8 Websites You Need To Stop Building". We have thoughtfully excerpted #5 for you, as follows: Funny stuff! Now

Assign A Legacy Contact For Your Facebook Page

Facebook now lets you assign someone to take over your Facebook page in the event you pass away or otherwise become incapacitated.  This is actually some useful news from FB -- a change from the usual, certainly.  Read more about this addition in

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